Preparing requests for proposals (RFPs) and quotes often takes more time than you may have available. Finding the data needed to prepare accurate quotes, collaborating with colleagues on responses, and getting the approvals needed can quickly drain productivity. Add time-saving automation and workflows from an innovative business management solution to streamline the process. Busy manufacturers don’t have time to waste and preparing RFPs can quickly eat up valuable time, especially when the data you need is scattered across several disparate software programs. Download this complimentary infographic,“8 ways manufacturers connect the dots to improve marketing, sales and service,” to learn more about the time-saving technology that can streamline the quoting process.Replacing disparate software systems with a single, integrated business solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, can save time and improve productivity right out-of-the-box. You can manage all of your customer-centric data within this centralized solution including order histories, service issues, and other communications. The quicker you can access this wealth of information, the quicker you can turn it into a scope of work and cost estimate for the next RFP.

Time-saving automation offered in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can make the RFP process simpler. You can prepare draft quotes quicker by analyzing historical customer data or other information for similar projects. You can then share drafts with peers for review and approval. Built-in workflows provide automatic notifications that can be used to alert key colleagues when a RFP has been created, reviewed, and approved so you spend less time tracking the quote in progress. Also, quotes can also be automatically converted into an order so you and customer service teams can save time with redundant data entry as well as protect the integrity of the data on that quote.

As noted on the infographic, nearly 23% of a salesperson’s week is often spent on administrative tasks, which likely includes RFP preparation. Workflows and other time-saving automation offered within an integrated solution, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, can improve productivity, reduce distractions, and keep your people focused on other important tasks. Download “8 ways manufacturers connect the dots to improve marketing, sales and service” and contact mcaConnect for more information about the time-saving automation offered in CRM that can streamline the quoting process and other operations.

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