CFS for OG graphic

11 Jul: Connected Field Service for Oil & Gas

Oil and gas companies are finding new ways to increase their revenue by offering equipment maintenance contracts to their clients with Connected Field Service technology. Read this data sheet to learn more about the benefits, how Connected Field Service differs from traditional Field Service and which technology the solution utilizes.

Ways Manufacturers Can Leverage CRM

09 Jul: EnergyCONNECT

EnergyCONNECT is designed to keep energy companies in compliance, optimize operations and increase profit margins. With joint venture accounting, revenue accounting, oilfield service rentals and AFE management functionality, read how our solution helps energy companies solve common challenges.

Tech Eval Guide: Ready for an Upgrade?

09 Jul: Oil & Gas Technology Upgrade

Is your oil and gas company limping by on outdated industry-specific or business technology? This evaluation guide will help you determine your readiness to upgrade current technology. You’ll discover your organizational readiness, project goals, and technology needs.

Business Case for Oil & Gas ERP Software

26 Jun: Business Case for Oil & Gas ERP Software

This guide can be used to build a business case for the investment in Oil & Gas ERP software. Industry-specific software gives you the benefits of a standard ERP system with the oil & gas functionality you need. It helps energy companies reduce administrative over, optimize oil & gas operations and better manage equipment rentals & assets.

xRM Rapid Development for Oil & Gas

26 Jun: xRM Rapid Development for Oil & Gas

To survive and thrive in a changing environment, oil and gas companies need the agility to respond to today’s needs and the flexibility to anticipate where the industry is headed. Microsoft Dynamics xRM gives oil and gas companies a flexible, cost effective rapid development platform to deliver mission-critical line of business (LOB) applications. Read our guide to learn more about how oil and gas companies can benefit from xRM.