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11 Jul: Field Service: If It’s Not Broken, Fix It

Customers today have more choices than ever, making customer experience critical to success. Connected Field Service enables productivity when integrated sensors allow you to monitor and update remotely, and schedule service before there’s a problem. When technicians do go out, they’re properly informed and equipped. 


11 Jul: Why Business Analytics is Imperative in 2019

Many executives want to manage by metrics but are often working with incomplete, inaccurate and outdated information. In today’s data-driven world, the key to successful business performance and continuous growth is a scalable data and analytics platform. This data sheet explains how the right business analytics platform can help you see the big picture.


11 Jul: Business Analytics Solution Overview

The volume of data generated in a business can become overwhelming to manage and analyze. But, with the right analytics solutions, your data can become a gold mine of actionable insights. This video provides an overview of Microsoft and MCA Connect’s Business Analytics Solutions.


09 Jul: Analytics Service Offerings

Our Business Analytics division focuses on helping you simplify, streamline and maximize your core business practices by giving you decision-driving insight, based on your enterprise data. Learn more about MCA Connect’s Business Analytics services in this data sheet.

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09 Jul: Predictive Analytics

This data sheet describes what will happen using Predictive Analytics, enabling you to visualize your data in a wide assortment of easy-to-understand graphs and chart showing things like scheduling, forecasting, clusters, correlations and more. It also showcases product highlights, common uses, and other benefits.

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09 Jul: DataCONNECT FAQs

DataCONNECT is a data warehousing solution – in fact, the only solution for Dynamics that enables bothdetailed and drilled down capabilities and enterprise insight. Read our FAQs sheet to get all of your questions on our solution answered!

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09 Jul: The Voice of the Operator

The Voice of the Operator allows manufacturing executives to understand where problems originate and how they can be fixed by combinding the conclusions drawn from your ERP system data and your operators on the shop floor. This fact sheet explains the benefits to the Voice of the Operator such as enhancing employee participation, improves insight, and its saleable and cost-effective.