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11 Jul: Field Service: If It’s Not Broken, Fix It

Customers today have more choices than ever, making customer experience critical to success. Connected Field Service enables productivity when integrated sensors allow you to monitor and update remotely, and schedule service before there’s a problem. When technicians do go out, they’re properly informed and equipped. 

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11 Jul: Why Business Analytics is Imperative in 2019

Many executives want to manage by metrics but are often working with incomplete, inaccurate and outdated information. In today’s data-driven world, the key to successful business performance and continuous growth is a scalable data and analytics platform. This data sheet explains how the right business analytics platform can help you see the big picture.

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11 Jul: Modern Manufacturing: Connected Field Service

Read this eBook to learn how our Connected Field Service for Manufacturing solution will modernize your manufacturing service operations. This pre-defined Microsoft-native solution will connect your organization through IoT technology to capture field data in real time and convert the data into actionable information/reporting – enhancing profitability and preventing problems before they even happen.

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11 Jul: Connected Field Service for Manufacturing 101

Perpetually feeling the squeeze of thin product margins, modern manufacturers are pivoting their business models to focus on adding service revenue through Connected Field Service. This data sheet describes how Connected Field Service enables modern manufacturers, its benefits, capabilities, and the shift from cost center to profit center.