Data Sheet


11 Jul: Sales & Operations Planning

MCA Connect helps companies transition from traditional demand planning to create a foundation for enterprise excellence. Read our fact sheet to learn how our Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) experts work with your executive team to bring you organizational success.


11 Jul: Why Business Analytics is Imperative in 2019

Many executives want to manage by metrics but are often working with incomplete, inaccurate and outdated information. In today’s data-driven world, the key to successful business performance and continuous growth is a scalable data and analytics platform. This data sheet explains how the right business analytics platform can help you see the big picture.


11 Jul: Connected Field Service for Oil & Gas

Oil and gas companies are finding new ways to increase their revenue by offering equipment maintenance contracts to their clients with Connected Field Service technology. Read this data sheet to learn more about the benefits, how Connected Field Service differs from traditional Field Service and which technology the solution utilizes.


11 Jul: Connected Field Service for Manufacturing 101

Perpetually feeling the squeeze of thin product margins, modern manufacturers are pivoting their business models to focus on adding service revenue through Connected Field Service. This data sheet describes how Connected Field Service enables modern manufacturers, its benefits, capabilities, and the shift from cost center to profit center.


10 Jul: AutoCONNECT Data Sheet

AutoCONNECT is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution that provides capabilities for a broad range of customer-facing and manufacturing workflows specific to automotive industry requirements.


09 Jul: High Mix, Low Volume Lean

MCA Connect’s Strategic Services group supports lean transformation with methodology, tools, and experience gained from working in challenging environments. Learn more about the lean transformation in our data sheet.


09 Jul: Analytics Service Offerings

Our Business Analytics division focuses on helping you simplify, streamline and maximize your core business practices by giving you decision-driving insight, based on your enterprise data. Learn more about MCA Connect’s Business Analytics services in this data sheet.