07 Feb: Manufacturing ERP Guide

Read our Manufacturing ERP guide to better understand how Microsoft’s ERP differentiates from other systems, whether or not you’re ready for a technology upgrade, how to choose the right partner, unique aspects of ERP that apply to manufacturing, how to avoid common mistakes, gaining buy-ins and success stories

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16 Dec: Guide to Upgrading Your Manufacturing ERP

There is a lot that goes into upgrading an ERP system, especially in the manufacturing industry. Our guide lays out the journey for you so it is easy to understand from a high level. We cover topics like, where to begin with an ERP implementation, how to develop and execute an upgrade strategy, how to properly train employees, and so much more.


04 Dec: Guide to Financial Planning & Analysis

Financial Planning and Analysis is a business function that focuses on creating corporate growth and profits by creating financial forecasts and analyzing past results. Our guide will help you understand how to use FP&A in your business and what benefits it can provide.