11 Jul: Field Service: If It’s Not Broken, Fix It

Customers today have more choices than ever, making customer experience critical to success. Connected Field Service enables productivity when integrated sensors allow you to monitor and update remotely, and schedule service before there’s a problem. When technicians do go out, they’re properly informed and equipped. 


11 Jul: Field Service: From Cost Center to Profit Center

With manufacturing margins growing increasingly thin, companies are looking to field service to generate additional revenue. This infographic illustrates the pathway to profitability and how to transform your field service operations from a cost center to a profit center.

8 Ways Manufacturers Can Leverage CRM (14)

09 Jul: Overcome Your Biggest CRM Headaches

Companies heavily rely on their CRM systems to provide them with customer insights, important data, and marketing analytics. But what do you do when your CRM can’t provide this information? View our infographic to learn how to overcome CRM challenges.


09 Jul: How To Capture Your Shop Floor Data

Your people are the answer to how you can comprehensively collect all of your data from your manufacturing shop floor – with the help of technology of course. Our Voice of the Operator solution helps manufacturers  understand the health of your machines while collecting & managing shop floor data with ease. View our infographic to learn more.


09 Jul: Smart Manufacturing

This infographic shows how modern manufacturers are leveraging smart technology for things like improving sales forecast, gaining more supply chain visibility, better controlling inventory costs, increasing manufacturing efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction.