MCA Connect SmartStart Microsoft for Sales

14 Oct: SmartStart for Sales

Sales force automation (SFA) gives your sales reps the tools they need to do their job more efficiently. However, many SFA solutions are cumbersome, built for management instead of sales enablement, and are only slightly more than a list of contacts. Let’s get you started on a sales solution your sales people will love!

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27 Aug: Field Service SmartStart

Field Service implementations can potentially take up an enormous amount of effort and time. That’s why MCA Connect is offering a Field Service QuickStart implementation approach to help field service operations apply their software in a cost-effective, easy-to-launch way.

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30 Jul: IoT Quickstart Pack

Manufacturers are struggling to start an IoT initiative. That’s why MCA Connect is offering an IoT QuickStart Pack to help manufacturers start an IoT initiative in a cost-effective, easy-to-launch way.

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30 Jul: Sales PipelineCONNECT

Companies are losing visibility into their Sales Pipeline and are unable to track opportunities. MCA Connect’s data warehouse, DataCONNECT, solves this issue, allowing you to regain full visibility into your sales pipeline with easy-to-understand Microsoft Power BI dashboards.

Ways Manufacturers Can Leverage CRM

09 Jul: Manufacturing Excellence Assessment

Our Manufacturing Excellence Assessment provides clients with the ability to evaluate exactly where they are in their lean journey while identifying and ranking the strategic intents required to achieve competitive supremacy. Strategic initiatives and opportunities are identified in the deliverable post-assessment.