So…how’s your Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation going?

WHAT? You have to get a report from someone else? I have a better option for you.


VSTS (formerly called TFS) is no longer just for developers!

If you’re a developer, you’re probably familiar with using TFS to track your source code changes, manage development, etc.

If your job is on the business side, you might not even know what TFS is. So let me tell you…

TFS (Team Foundation Services) is now VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services). This powerful cloud-based platform will enable you to track your progress on your Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation. If you’re already implemented, you can use VSTS to track and monitor issues and changes to your existing AX environment.

VSTS gives you the ability to easily create widgets that can be viewed on a configurable dashboard.

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And you don’t have to be a technical genius to do this!

You’re probably thinking, “This is nice, but how do we get to this point?” Before we can put stuff on our dashboard, we need to get some data into our VSTS.

To create the widgets shown, we captured some business processes (Features) and requirements (User stories):

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Here’s another example capturing Test scenarios (User story) and related Issues and Tasks:

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And the dashboard widget showing the data:

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How do you get the data into VSTS so you can create some useful widgets? The forms are easy to follow and yes, you can easily customize them to your needs. Again, you don’t have to be a technical wizard to do this.

Here’s an example of a Task in VSTS:

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This was just a tiny bit of the functionality found in VSTS. There is more to explore!

  • Methodology templates (Scrum, Agile, CMMI)
  • Kanban board
  • Marketplace extensions
  • Security
  • Alerts
  • and lots of other useful stuff

Stay tuned…

Written By:  Pete Craven

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