Stop wondering. Start asking.

What is the root cause of those production delays or product defects? Every manufacturing executive seeks to understand where problems originate and how they can be fixed. If you analyze the data from your ERP system, you may come to one conclusion. If you ask the operators on the shop floor, they may tell a different story. How can you combine the quantitative data from your system, and the qualitative data from your people at a level that scales?

Your machines are talking – are you listening?

Coupling observational data from the shop floor with IoT data from your Production Line will provide business insight that has not been achieved before. While IoT and Machine Learning will alert you to potential problems before they arise, Voice of the Operator can close the feedback loop with alerts sent to the Operator App asking to confirm and troubleshoot an identified problem.  If further action is required, seamless integration into Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables an Operator or Supervisor to issue a fix-ticket to have the machine serviced, resulting in more up-time and improved Quality Control.

Supplementing the Gemba Walk

An established practice in lean manufacturing is the Gemba walk, where management observes the work being performed and asks questions to learn how processes could be improved. But, with factories overseas and with limited time available, Gemba walks are typically infrequently scheduled.

Voice of the Operator supplements the Gemba walk by regularly soliciting input from shop floor workers and integrates with information from Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations ERP system.  This observational data will supplement Machine Historian data as a complete record of machine activity is developed over time.

Humans observe situations that machines can’t understand. Incorporating the Voice of the Operator with your ERP system provides the best of both worlds.



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Enhances employee participation

Shop floor workers add their voice to overall operations

Improves insight

Leads to better decision making and improved Quality Control

Scalable and cost-effective

Operator insight is incorporated seamlessly into your ERP system processes, giving you even better return on your technology investment.

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