Empowering Manufacturers with Global Supply Chain Expertise 

June 29, 2022

A Message from Claude Watson, CEO 

MCA Connect is honored to receive global recognition from Microsoft, especially when that recognition is for our supply chain expertise! As a 2022 Global Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Intelligent Order Management Partner of the Year Finalist, we’re thrilled to be among a field of top Microsoft partners from around the world

I’d like to thank our employees for making this recognition possible. Now, more than ever, we’re honored to help manufacturers build resilient and sustainable supply chains. I’d also like to thank our partners – both clients and Microsoft – for putting their faith and trust in MCA Connect. We do not take this trust lightly. 

Managing a supply chain is difficult in the best of times, let alone periods of rampant disruption. Manufacturers are struggling with fulfillment issues, unexpected shifts in raw material costs, a lack of visibility, and much more. We get it. We’ve been working alongside our clients for 20 years, helping manufacturers improve performance while transforming their business. 

Our biggest passion (and strength) is helping customers see what’s possible, develop a connected strategy, and then successfully execute the plan. We’re here for the entire journey, and with this approach, we’ve helped manufacturers make a big impact on their bottom line.  

Serving our customers is a great privilege and responsibility, especially in this complex business climate. We’re honored MCA Connect is a recognized global leader in supply chain solutions, and we’re excited to see what the next 20 years will bring. 


Claude Watson | Chief Executive Officer | MCA Connect 

MCA Connect