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Through our passion and deep industry expertise, we help manufacturers succeed by unlocking innovation with actionable business insights.


Uncover possibilities
and take action

You don’t know what you don’t know,
but if you did know, you’d do something about it.

See what’s possible, overcome challenges, and take your business to the next level with real-time actionable visibility, customized strategies, and innovative solutions.

reduction in downtime

after implementing predictive technology.
(Manufacturing Global Magazine)

rise in customer satisfaction

after investing in supply chain resiliency.
(Bain & Company)

reduction in parts inventory costs

using integrated business planning.

Connect with a partner
that gets you

We understand the manufacturing industry’s unique culture and challenges because we’ve spent more than 20 years in the industry. Manufacturing is our core focus and overcoming supply chain challenges is what we do best.  

Through strategic solutions, innovation, and industry intelligence, we help discrete, process, lean, and project-based manufacturers across all sub-industries solve critical issues, modernize operations, and gain a competitive edge.  



Drive real-time collaboration, shrink product development cycles, comply with changing regulations, and gain a competitive advantage in the automotive industry.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Enhance patient engagement, improve health data insights, and drive operational efficiency with solutions built for connected patient experiences.



Connect to modern technology to transform the energy value chain, better meet customer demands, and build a sustainable future.

High Tech

High Tech

Get electronics to market, quickly and efficiently, with solutions that deliver up-to-date insights and clear visibility into production schedules, demand forecasts, inventory levels, and more.



Boost productivity, streamline operations, and manage your entire industrial equipment business, front to back, on one modern manufacturing platform.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods

Optimize inventory, enhance order fulfillment, speed up delivery times, and create seamless digital experiences with innovative retail technology.

We're incredibly honored to receive global recognition from Microsoft, especially when that recognition is for our supply chain expertise! As a 2022 Global Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Intelligent Order Management Partner of the Year Finalist, we’re thrilled to be among a field of top Microsoft partners from around the world. Learn More Microsoft Global Finalist
Partner of the Year
Today we're thrilled and honored to announce MCA Connect earned a spot on the prestigious Inc. 2022 Best Workplaces list and additional recognition on Inc.’s Enduring Impact (15+ Years in Business) list.

Thank you to our employees (past and present), clients, Microsoft, and others who have supported MCA Connect throughout the years.
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With Connected Blueprint™, we help manufacturers build resiliency,
increase productivity, and streamline business processes.

But it isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s a customized plan that enables partners to gain quick wins and prepare for the future.
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The Next Normal
of Manufacturing
Navigating the problems that come with a supply chain crisis is a huge task. So where do you even start? Read our new whitepaper to learn about
the connections critical to overcoming supply chain challenges
and how to start making them.
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Why MCA Connect Wondering what it’s like to work at MCA Connect?
Watch our video to learn how we create a culture
that supports our employees and inspires them to excel.
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Our Approach

Connected Applications

Execute against your strategic roadmap with Global Dynamics 365 enterprise implementations and integrations.

Manufacturing Strategy

Get expert and curated guidance that delivers actionable insights, a path for continuous improvement, and P&L results.

Modern Platform Management

Get proactive support, intelligent insights, and optimization of your modern manufacturing platform.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Gain the wisdom of prediction and prescription with a connected enterprise powered by Industry 4.0 capabilities.

Transform with
the Microsoft Cloud


Uncover actionable insights and digitally transform your business with the power of the Microsoft Cloud. Microsoft’s full suite of secure cloud solutions unifies modern business applications and industry intelligence, empowering organizations to do more. 

Connected Business
Data Foundation

Dynamics 365

Gain the insights and freedom you need to thrive by connecting your data, processes, and teams with intelligent business applications.

Data Services

Build cloud-native applications and modernize existing applications with fully managed, flexible databases.

Power Platform

Meet challenges effectively by working together to analyze data, build solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents.

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

Transform your workforce, build more agile smart factories, improve supply chain resilience, and innovate faster.

Your success is our success  

Technology isn’t our passion. Improving customer outcomes is. Here’s how we’ve helped manufacturers around the world transform their business to achieve greater success.

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