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Litens Automotive & ManufacturingCONNECT for Auto Webinar


Hear from Bruno Fragoso, VP of Global Sales, Marketing, and Project Management at Litens Automotive, about how they have transformed their bid response process with ManufacturingCONNECT for Auto: Bid Response Management and MCA Connect.

Business Transformation,Manufacturing

Overcoming the Top Challenges of S&OP for Equipment Manufacturers


Equipment manufacturing does not easily fit into the typical S&OP approach that works for most businesses. The markets, products, and processes of equipment manufacturers complicate the S&OP process and limit profit potential. As an equipment manufacturer, you face six unique challenges when it comes to S&OP.

Business Transformation,IoT & Analytics,Manufacturing

Factories of the Future Report


Smart Manufacturing has never been more relevant than it is right now. One of the lessons that manufacturers have learned is that the more modern their infrastructure, the more robust they'll be in the face of unexpected challenges. After extensive research, we show in this report examples of areas where being "Smart" pays off.

IoT & Analytics,Manufacturing

3 Reasons to Modernize Your Data Platform


There are major benefits awaiting organizations that modernize their data estate, including enhanced security and compliance, significant cost savings, and the ability to empower employees with business insights and advanced analytics capabilities. View more benefits and learn why the time to modernize is now, by downloading our guide.


Avoiding Common Production Scheduling Pitfalls


In this guide, our manufacturing experts have shared the common production scheduling mistakes they have seen and how you can avoid them and streamline operations.

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LCI Tech (Ablr) Case Study Video


Discover how accessibility firm, LCI Tech, now known as Ablr, was able to transform their business by migrating from Excel to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

Field Service,Manufacturing

Field Service Webinar with Mazak Corporation & MCA Connect


Hear from Jason Fights and Patrick Nielsen from Mazak Corporation about how they have moved on from legacy systems, transformed their service operations and solved manufacturing challenges with Dynamics 365 Field Service and MCA Connect.


Manufacturing InSights Data Sheet

Data Sheet

Manufacturing plants produce unrealistic production plans that don't account for current operating performance or real time changes that occur on the shop floor. Manufacturing InSights shortens planning windows, optimizes production schedules and delivers an achievable production plan to help you determine the best course of action at the lowest cost. Learn more in the data sheet.

IoT & Analytics,Manufacturing

DataCONNECT Overview


Our data warehousing solution, DataCONNECT, consolidates data from Dynamics 365, enterprise systems, and legacy solutions to give you “one version of the truth” when it comes to your data. Watch the solution overview video here.

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“We’ve been so impressed by MCA Connect’s knowledge of the system – and of our business. Over the past 5 years, we’ve worked with multiple people from MCA Connect and they’ve all been amazing.”

Codi Nichols, Project Lead



“MCA Connect was instrumental in helping us value-stream our business. They know Lean Manufacturing and they know Dynamics.”

Bill Battershell, CFO

Rochester Gauges


“MCA Connect has been a great resource and technology partner”

Eric Paladino



“MCA Connect offers in-depth ERP experience and automotive industry experience. They showed us how Microsoft Dynamics provides a greater range of capabilities and more flexibility than SAP.”

Al Alvarez, GM

Cataler North America