Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM & Other Business Solutions – Why We’re Different

We believe that our ability to save companies millions of dollars and win Microsoft’s most prestigious awards comes down to three factors:  

    1. We are committed to being industry experts. Our vertical focus means that we can go deep with the customers we serve.
    2. We’ve gone ‘all-in’ with our commitment to Microsoft Dynamics solutions, investing millions of dollars in research, training and development to make their great products even better for you.
    3. We take care of our people. Our clients. Our partners. Our employees. Creating business transformation is exciting, but it’s not without challenges. We’re in the trenches with you, working with a shared mission to achieve your business goals.
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Why Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft is leading the digital transformation revolution. They’ve invested billions of dollars in building a worldwide cloud computing infrastructure that enables a modern ERP/CRM solution capable of replacing unwieldly, inflexible enterprise business systems. When you combine Microsoft software with our expertise, your technology becomes a strategic asset that will set you apart from your competition.

Our Competencies

Gold Enterprise Resource Planning     |     Gold Cloud Customer Relationship Management

Gold Cloud Platform     |     Gold Data Analytics     |     Gold Data Platform


2015 US Manufacturing Partner of the Year

2015 ERP Partner of the Year
2016-2017 ERP Partner of the Year Finalist

2015 CRM Partner of the Year Finalist

2012-2018 Inner Circle

2017 Dynamics Services Partner of the Year


It’s not about a gold watch or a pension. It’s not about a title or a brand name. It’s about the experience. The one that will lead to your next professional experience and the next, continually building upon your expertise. Take a look at the kind of experience you’ll gain at MCA Connect.

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