Your journey to modernization

We understand the manufacturing industry’s unique culture and challenges because we’ve spent more than 20 years in the industry. Manufacturing is our core focus and overcoming supply chain challenges is what we do best.  

Through strategic solutions, innovation, and industry intelligence, we help discrete, process, lean, and project-based manufacturers across all sub-industries solve critical issues, modernize operations, and gain a competitive edge.  

Start modernizing in weeks

The Connected Blueprint™ uncovers opportunities that will make the most impact in the shortest amount of time. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s a customized strategy built around your most critical business areas.

Led by MCA Connect’s strategy experts, this phased approach creates optimal advancements with immediate results.

Step 1


We’ll identify your strengths and weaknesses in an assess and discover phase. This phase includes a process Gemba Walk and discussions with your leadership team and our tenured subject matter experts.

Step 2


Using the assessment findings from our discussions and Gemba Walk, we prioritize opportunities on a Kaizen PICK chart. Through a focused workshop on the areas most critical to your success, we’ll guide you along the way and tailor the workshop to your business needs.


Create a more
resilient supply chain

Increase manufacturing

Build a more
agile factory

Automate business

Step 3


After identifying your strengths and weaknesses, prioritizing opportunities, and focusing on a critical area to your success, we’ll act on these insights and create your very own unique, tailored Connected Blueprint™.

What you get with

Findings and Recommendations

Prioritized Kaizen Opportunity PICK Chart

Financial Value Estimate Model

Execution Plan

A blueprint for
every journey

Uncover possibilities and take the first steps to modernization. From automotive to supply chain, our tailored Connected Blueprints™ help you achieve more.

You can also find Connected Blueprint™ on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace.

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