MCA Connect Service Offerings

Business Improvement is a Journey

You go into every partner relationship and project expecting your partner to work hard and move your project along efficiently. But you may be challenged with misaligned business goals, lack of process communication, or shortage of training & support.

Who you work with and how you implement your technology can be just as (if not more) important as the technology itself. Without the proper technology partner, your project is at risk for failure.

Leading Our Clients to Success

At MCA Connect, we focus each project on your business goals.

  • Our team collaborates with yours to define improved processes, optimize those processes through technology and measure the results while still continuously making improvements.
  • By aligning your people, processes and technology, we enable you to achieve better business performance and leapfrog the competition.
  • From helping you define your business strategy to providing on-going application support, we will be your trusted technology partner every step of the way.

Broken into 3 categories – strategy, implementation and support – our service offerings are designed to support you from beginning to end, setting you up for project success from the very first step.



The implementation of technology alone will not deliver transformative results. We believe technology should only be addressed after your people, processes and performance goals are aligned. Our team helps you build a strategic plan to meet desired business objectives, which can then be supported by technology.


Get more value from your systems quickly and more efficiently through our proven, guided implementation approach. We recognize many operational processes are based on industry best practices, so we streamline low-value activities to focus on customizing the areas unique to your business.

Managed Services

Our dedicated application management approach is designed to maximize your tech investment and embed our team as a dependable part of yours. For a set fee, we deliver proactive guidance and unlimited reactive support, resolving issues as quickly as possible and keeping your systems always up-to-date.

Strategic Services


Change Management

When organizations invest in Microsoft Dynamics 365, they are also investing in the behavioral changes that employees must make. We combine our Dynamics 365 and certified change management experts to guide organizations through the transition.


Process Improvement

Through Process Improvement, your business is enabled to drive change that can reduce cost, accelerate revenue and ensure the use of simpler, more efficient and scalable business practices with clear governance, measurable achievements and optimal value for your customer.

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Manufacturing Excellence

Whether you are just beginning your lean manufacturing journey, or well on your way, MCA Connect’s Manufacturing Excellence team has the expertise, resources and solutions you need to accelerate your success.



We enable companies to implement a continuous and forward-looking S&OP process that addresses organizational risks to maximize operational success by following a process of assessment to determine S&OP readiness.

Implementation Services


Dynamics 365 Implementation Services

Our guided Dynamics 365 implementation approach helps you gain more value from your systems quickly and more efficiently, requiring fewer resources and greater benefit. The result? Up to a 30% reduction in project timeline and up to a 40% reduction in cost.


Business Analytics Services

Our Business Analytics and Intelligence division focuses on guiding you to simplify, streamline and maximize your enterprise data so your core business practices are empowered through informed decision making.

Support Services

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Managed Services Support

Our strategic managed services support offering, a step-up from traditional managed services, is a flexible and dedicated application management and optimization approach focused on maximizing your technology investment.

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Upgrade Dynamics

MCA Connect specializes in helping companies upgrade their current Dynamics systems quickly and efficiently so that they can take full advantage of the latest technology available and continue to move their business forward.

Client Success

“MCA Connect has been a great resource and technology partner.”

Eric Paladino


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“When MCA Connect upgraded to Dynamics 365, we were astounded at how easy it was. 7-minute status update meetings. No panic after go-live. The internal team barely had to do anything; it all went so smoothly.”

Codi Nichols, Project Lead


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“At the first factory where we deployed Microsoft Dynamics, they referred to it as the ‘magic energy system’. It was really fulfilling to have the system accepted so rapidly by the factory operations.”

Matt Griffith, Exec Director of Manufacturing IT


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