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Trivium Packaging Transforms Production with Real-Time Business Intelligence


Trivium Packaging, a $3.3 billion sustainable packaging solutions leader, faced production inefficiencies and waste in their Youngstown, Ohio facility due to limited visibility and delayed reporting. With 60+ locations producing diverse packaging for top global brands, Trivium required timely, accurate data to improve efficiency, detect quality issues, reduce waste, and enable faster, smarter decision-making.


Outdated and complex infrastructure

Like many manufacturers, Trivium’s production data was scattered across multiple systems and unstructured spreadsheets, hindering consolidation and analysis. They also relied on paper reports that employees manually completed at the end of their shifts and filed away in cabinets.

Need for streamlined, modern analytics

As a result, production information was two or three days old before business leaders could identify anomalies in throughput, quality, and capacity utilization. With delays stretching up to 72 hours, scrap piled up, machines went down several hours for troubleshooting, and fulfillment fell behind with no way to correct mistakes.

Manual processes and inefficient systems

Trivium was falling short of its overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) goal but couldn’t isolate the cause due to lack of visibility. To improve efficiency and speed up decision-making, they needed a data strategy and modern business intelligence to increase visibility and shorten lead times.

With delays stretching up to 72 hours:
Scrap piled up, machines went down several hours for troubleshooting, and fulfillment fell behind with no way to correct mistakes.


Optimizing Overall Equipment Effectiveness and Reducing Waste with Modern Business Intelligence

Trivium began working with MCA Connect due to our deep manufacturing expertise and success with similar analytics projects. To provide insights into Trivium’s operations, we first focused on production. Working with Trivium leadership, our team developed a real-time analytics platform for full plant floor visibility pulling data from Trivium’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and production scheduling software.

To create visibility across teams, we reorganized the data and displayed it with Microsoft Power BI. A collection of software services, apps, and connectors, Power BI turns unrelated data sources into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights.

After this transition, Trivium went from a handful of tables in Excel to a huge database with more than a thousand metrics touching all areas of their business. These areas include finance, supply chain, operations, service, and customer care.

To provide Trivium’s leaders with near real-time information on machine performance, we created three operational reports.


12-hour view of line performance, allowing employees to quickly identify and address potential issues. With dashboards displayed in offices and on the floor, employees can easily see running time, downtime, changeover, short stops, and pauses.


Detailed information about unexpected downtime events or issues requiring intervention. With data displayed on end caps and monitors stationed throughout the shop, managers can identify problems within minutes and track time to resolution.


Machine performance, production goals, and requests for action. With interactive dashboards at each workstation, operators can easily see current shift production information and a 24-hour history. Before, operators had to manually check paper records filed away in cabinets to uncover recent issues at their workstation.


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What’s next?

Building on this success, Trivium plans to increase efficiency through additional daily production insights. They also plan to explore how Microsoft Azure can enable them to seamlessly scale the solution across additional facilities and how they can leverage Power Platform to automate the last mile of their business processes.

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