MCA Connect Earns the Analytics on Microsoft Azure Specialization

November 15, 2022

MCA Connect today announced it has earned the Analytics on Microsoft Azure Specialization, a validation of a partner’s capability in planning and delivering tailored analytics solutions, following Microsoft and industry best practices

The Analytics on Microsoft Azure Specialization can only be earned by partners that meet stringent criteria around customer success and staff skilling, as well as pass a third-party audit of their analytics planning and deployment practices.  

More businesses recognize the value of effective data and analytics strategies but struggle to implement them. Partners with proven experience delivering customized Microsoft analytics solutions using Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Databricks are well-positioned to capture this market opportunity.  

These partners can help customers better integrate endlessly scalable analytics platforms into their businesses to quickly capture insights from all their data across data warehouses and big data analytics systems.  

“We’re proud to have earned the Analytics on Microsoft Azure Specialization,” said Claude Watson, CEO of MCA Connect. “Microsoft’s commitment to working with partners and customers is helping drive digital transformation for people, organizations, and industries around the world. We’re excited to be a part of it, and we look forward to building more transformative and secure analytics solutions on Microsoft Azure.” 

Andrew Smith, General Manager, Partner Program Management at Microsoft added, “The Analytics on Microsoft Azure Specialization highlights the partners who can be viewed as most capable when it comes to building transformative and secure analytics solutions on Azure. MCA Connect clearly demonstrated that they have both the skills and the experience to help our customers harness the power of insight and transform their businesses in a scalable, secure, and cost-effective way.” 

MCA Connect’s Connected Blueprint™ is one way the company empowers customers to transform their business through Azure Cloud technologies. Led by MCA Connect’s manufacturing experts, this four-week assessment uncovers and prioritizes opportunities that will make the most impact in the shortest amount of time. To learn more, click here. 

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