Change Management Plan & Implementation

Lack of User Adoption is One of the Top Reasons Why Software Implementations Fail

Change is hard, yet necessary. Too many ERP and/or CRM implementations fail because there isn’t a clear change management plan centered around change needed for an organization to successfully implement a new business system. Understanding the impact on your organization and receiving change management guidance from an expert, positions your implementation for maximum success with a low risk of failure.

Many implementation partners start and end with the technology. At MCA Connect, we believe that the technology should be addressed only after the people, process and performance management goals have been determined.


How We Help

MCA Connect’s Change Management services are focused on work force adoption and operational business readiness. With MCA, you will get a collaborative approach in constructing change plans, leveraging your culture to build accountability and ownership at all levels within your organization.

Active, visible, present and accountable sponsorship
Proactive change impact management for all levels in the organization
Recognition programs to reinforce new behaviors
Two-way communication feedback loops to increase engagement and ownership
Leadership skills to manage employees through resistance
Training, Practice, practice, practice

Our approach incorporates four major areas – readiness assessment, communication, organizational design and training. Our Change Management services integrate a portfolio of skills, tools and people-oriented strategies focused on education and training.

MCA Connect’s Change Management Services         Incorporate Four Major Areas:

Readiness Assessment

We analyze your company’s readiness for an ERP or CRM implementation and provide you with a detailed report, stressing areas that need to be addressed before an implementation begins.


Employees often feel left in the dark and become frustrated or resentful about the changes being thrust upon them. We help employees get excited and engaged with the project by providing vendor selection announcements, quick win highlights and regular process updates.

Organizational Design

Software, people and process changes need to be managed so changes can happen conjointly. We analyze and align your organization’s design to provide enhanced role efficiencies and structure to support the best transformation.


Often training gets neglected or rushed because there is so much pressure to go live. A well thought out training plan ensures end users feel competent to handle the execution of their responsibilities.

Client Success

“MCA Connect has been a great resource and technology partner.”

Eric Paladino


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“When MCA Connect upgraded to Dynamics 365, we were astounded at how easy it was. 7-minute status update meetings. No panic after go-live. The internal team barely had to do anything; it all went so smoothly.”

Codi Nichols, Project Lead


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“At the first factory where we deployed Microsoft Dynamics, they refer to it as the “Magic Energy System”. It was really fulfilling to have the system accepted so rapidly by the factory floor operators.”

Matt Griffiths, Executive Director of Manufacturing IT


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