Business Process Improvement

Technology Alone Won’t Transform

Unfortunately, the implementation of technology alone will not deliver transformative results. Some companies find themselves post-implementation realizing the root of their challenges were not solved by new technology. If your processes are not optimal and efficient, implementing new technology around those processes will also not enable your business to become optimized or more efficient. This is where Business Process Improvement services are critical and can make the difference between a failed implementation and a successful one.


Strategic Alignment Breeds Better Business

MCA Connect’s Process Improvement services help you build a strategic business plan to meet your company’s desired objectives, which can then be supported by technology. By aligning your critical business processes, our team enables yours to achieve better business performance and leapfrog the competition. As part of our Business Transformation services, our Process Improvement strategic offering is part of our secret sauce that truly differentiates us from our competition.

Through Process Improvement, your business is enabled to drive change that can reduce cost, accelerate revenue and ensure the use of simpler, more efficient and scalable business practices with clear governance, measurable achievements and optimal value for your customer.

What to Expect

During a Process Improvement project, we come onsite to take a deep dive into your company’s current processes and understand your high-level objectives. Our team will map out your current processes in addition to a best practice process, and then compare and integrate the two. This results in a list of prioritized recommendations from our experts on areas for process improvement. Our team will then help to manage and complete the list of recommendations within order of priority.

Steps of Process Improvement

Map-Out to Fully Understand Current Business Processes

Develop Future-State, Best Practice Business Processes

Cross-Reference Current & Best Practice Processes for Improvement Recommendations

Develop New Processes, Along with KPIs for Each

Understand How to Manage New Processes with Power BI Dashboards to Measure KPIs

Setup all Technology Elements Needed to Support Future-State Process Flows

Client Success

“MCA Connect has been a great resource and technology partner.”

Eric Paladino


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“When MCA Connect upgraded to Dynamics 365, we were astounded at how easy it was. 7-minute status update meetings. No panic after go-live. The internal team barely had to do anything; it all went so smoothly.”

Codi Nichols, Project Lead


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“At the first factory where we deployed Microsoft Dynamics, they refer to it as the “Magic Energy System”. It was really fulfilling to have the system accepted so rapidly by the factory floor operators.”

Matt Griffiths, Executive Director of Manufacturing IT


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