Data Warehouse Solution: DataCONNECT

Finding Insights in Today’s Data-Driven World

In today’s high-stakes business environment, companies that differentiate, outperform, and adapt to customer needs faster than their competitors rely on big data analytics and the best data warehouse solution. They see how the purposeful, systematic exploitation of big data, coupled with analytics, reveals opportunities for better business outcomes. But with your data growing every day, it can be challenging to gather insights and view priorities.


The Solution

Our data warehousing solution, DataCONNECT™, consolidates data from Dynamics 365, enterprise systems, and legacy solutions to give you “one version of the truth” when it comes to your data. Though it is pre-built for Dynamics 365, you can easily integrate it into any environment and access it from any device to enable both detailed capabilities and insight.

DataCONNECT Data Warehouse™ fuels your organization with fast, accurate information, giving you the power to predict, adapt and shape operations with record speed and precision. You’ll be able to quickly pull validated data into forecasting models, so you can begin your planning cycles for areas of your business including:

  • Financials
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory management
  • Manufacturing production

As the only Dynamics data warehousing solution that enables both detailed drilled down capabilities and enterprise insight, DataCONNECT™ was built for speed and provides almost instant insight.

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DataCONNECT Data Warehouse helps companies:

  • Cut costs of building data models
  • Reduce risk of using incomplete information to drive decisions
  • Enable access to historical data
  • Receive nearly instant insight and predictive power to make informed, time-sensitive decisions

Features of DataCONNECT Data Warehouse

Creates Single Data Model

DataCONNECT™ extracts data from your ERP solution, data store, other business systems and spreadsheets to create one reliable, accurate nearly real-time version of the truth.

Allows Drill-Down to Detail

Unlike other solutions, with DataCONNECT™, you retain the ability to drill down into the detail and can even bring in historical data to compare year-over-year trends.

Works with any BI Tool

Much faster than cubes, DataCONNECT™ cuts the cost of building (and re-building) data models. You can put nearly any business intelligence tool on top of it to slice-and-dice the information.

Why MCA Connect & Microsoft?

Microsoft is leading the digital transformation revolution and has invested billions of dollars in building a worldwide cloud computing infrastructure that enables their modern business application solutions capable of replacing legacy systems. When you combine Microsoft software with MCA Connect’s expertise, your technology becomes a strategic asset that sets you apart from competition.

MCA Connect’s Business Analytics team ties together the Microsoft technology, processes and people to help you achieve strategic business goals. We help you identify high-value digital transformation projects, adopt new technology, adapt existing systems, and transform your business operations.

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Client Success

“After implementing our analytics tools, we’ve been impressed that such large-scale business processes have not been impeded at all by performance issues. The system purrs like a kitten.”

Lonn Bate, Director of Information Systems

CES Energy Solutions

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“MCA Connect has been a great resource and technology partner.”

Eric Paladino


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“MCA Connect feels like part of our team. Their consultants are great at what they do, very professional and organized, but also warm and friendly.”

Codi Nichols, Project Lead


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