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Advanced Composite Material Producer Solves Crippling System Issues, Saves Thousands of Hours Annually with Hybrid ERP Upgrade

Industry: Manufacturing

Solution: Dynamics 365 Finance


When software implementations don’t go as planned, deciding how to proceed can be a difficult task. Should the manufacturer replace the software and invest in a new solution or leave it intact and make the most of their investment? As one leading producer of advanced composite materials discovered, sometimes the answer is both.


A carbon fiber composite materials producer serving the aerospace, rocket, and industrial industries attempted an ERP software implementation with another partner. However, the company struggled with bad data and an over-customized system after the implementation didn’t go as planned.

The result was slow transactions, inflated demand numbers, and a lack of visibility across sites. The issues were so severe the materials producer couldn’t pack or ship within the first 10 days of implementation and experienced one to two hours of weekly stoppage. In short, they needed a new solution and the right partner to implement it.




After the hybrid upgrade, the composite material producer:

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