Energy (Oil and Gas) Industry

MCA Connect has been working with the world’s largest oil and gas companies for more than 20 years. Even if you’re running SAP globally, we can help you create manageable Microsoft-centric solutions your team can use day-to-day. We’ll help you figure out where to leverage industry best practices, and where you have opportunities to separate yourself from the pack and build in competitive differentiators.

How We Help

We work with oil and gas companies who are facing operational challenges such as:

  • Difficulty managing accounting divisions of interest
  • Lacking access to systems in remote jobsites, reverting to paper processes
  • Experiencing downtime/overtime due to poor scheduling
  • Lack of procedures for preventive maintenance and asset management
  • Stringent compliance requirements
  • Spending too much time/money on system maintenance and customizations

Why Us?

MCA Connect knows the oil and gas industry inside and out. We’ve developed industry accelerators to get your systems up and running quickly at a lower cost with less risk.

Oilfield Services

Maximize project profitability.

Exploration and Production

Pump more value from your team – and your wells.

Midstream Operations

Get your oil and gas to market efficiently.

Exploration and Production

Oilfield Service ERP

Oilfield Services

Midstream Operations

Midstream Operations

The world’s leading energy companies trust MCA Connect to digitally transform their operations.


Take the fast track to getting the oil and gas industry functionality you need – from exploration to midstream operations.

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