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Revolutionize Your Energy Operations

The energy industry has experienced a great deal of market changes in recent years, causing some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies to rethink their strategic and operational business processes. Along with these market changes have come challenges for energy companies, including:

  • Difficulty managing accounting divisions of interest
  • Lacking access to systems in remote jobsites
  • Experiencing downtime / overtime due to poor scheduling
  • Lack of procedures for preventive maintenance & asset development
  • Stringent compliance requirements
  • Lack of visibility into data and business processes

Modern oil and gas companies are digitally transforming their businesses with the power of smart energy industry software solutions built to face these challenges head-on and thrive against competition.

Comprehensive Energy Products & Solutions

MCA Connect knows the oil and gas industry inside and out. We’ve developed industry accelerators, built on the Microsoft platform, to get your systems up and running quickly at a lower cost with less risk. Our industry products and solutions are specifically built and tailored to the energy industry, utilizing industry best practices where it fits and fine-tuning other areas to highlight the unique parts of your business.

Products Designed for Oil & Gas Companies

Joint Venture Accounting

EnergyCONNECT Joint Venture Accounting allows you to create flexible, date-effective divisions of interest and support account-based exceptions for joint venture transactions. Easily establish and enforce accounting processes based on your unique business needs. Drill down by property or cost center. Create and track owner communications simply and easily. Manage the revenue distribution process for upstream companies.

Oilfield Rental Equipment Management

Maximize revenue opportunities and minimize unnecessary expenses by optimizing your equipment rentals using EnergyCONNECT. From allowing you to better negotiate rental rates to providing feedback to vendors on equipment performance, this extension of Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations helps you control the costs associated with renting industrial oilfield equipment.

Authorization for Expenditure

EnergyCONNECT helps control costs and manage investor expectations by managing, communicating and obtaining proper authorization before drilling begins or expenses are incurred. Automate the AFE process to reduce the administrative budget and costs. Setup and control capital expenditures by measuring actual against budgeted costs for both gross and net.

Solutions Designed for Oil & Gas Companies

Energy CRM

Built on the Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement platform, our Energy CRM solution is specifically built and tailored to the needs of energy companies. Our solution delivers industry-specific capabilities such as sales pipeline analysis, revenue forecasting, visit reporting, proposal automation and goal tracking that can’t be matched by other CRM systems.

Energy ERP

An ERP solution that is tailored for the energy industry and built on the Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations platform can help you experience less downtime, streamline operations and access the data you need to make more informed decisions. We utilize industry best practices where it makes sense and focus on customizing the areas unique to your business.

Why MCA Connect?

MCA Connect has worked with some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies for over 20 years and has long been recognized as a leading Oil and Gas partner by Microsoft. We take pride in consistently delivering innovative solutions that save energy companies millions of dollars.

A key differentiator in working with MCA Connect to implement your modern Energy solution is our tight industry focus, but wide set of service offerings. Our deep knowledge of both the product and the oil and gas industry enables us to find hidden opportunities only made possible through things like IoT devices and industry accelerators.

Client Success

“We feel extremely comfortable working with MCA Connect. We know that we’ll get honest answers that serve our best interest.”

Claude Harless, Director of Accouting

Energy Transfer

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“Our MCA Connect Engagement Manager reaches out to us on a regular basis, not to sell more products or services, but because she cares about our business and success. She, like all MCA Connect consultants we’ve worked with, are absolute rock stars!”

TGS Oil and Gas

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“We were so impressed by MCA Connect’s knowledge of the system – and of our business. Over the past 5 years or so, we’ve worked with multiple people, and they’ve all been amazing.”

Codi Nichols, Project Lead


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“MCA Connect has been instrumental in introducing us to ways we can use technology to enforce structure and discipline to get better business results. We’re excited to see what’s ahead for our company!”

Lonn Bate, Director of Information Systems

CES Energy Solutions

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