How Companies Use Field Service Automation to Get Ahead

December 6, 2017


Companies who’ve been around for decades are starting to see how field service automation can give them a big advantage over the standard work order and clipboard approach. Here are the top benefits they have seen with this solution:Blog_02.18.19

Improved Customer Experience

  • Keeping clients updated – Clients can be updated automatically to tell them when their technician is on the way. Surveys can automatically be sent afterward to gather feedback on the technician’s performance. Providing two-way communication between technician and client creates more satisfied customers overall.
  • Improving first call resolution – Have a good understanding of the equipment being repaired, the asset history, known issues, and the parts that are likely needed

Better Cash Flow, More Revenue

  • Optimized routing – With Dynamics 365 for Field Service automation, workers can be assigned to a job based on customer location, employee credentials, service-level priority – or a great number of other factors. Companies can often schedule 10-20% more clients per day when the route is optimized.
  • Adding service revenue from SLAs – Create new revenue streams by offering warranties / guarantees, and by properly billing clients for services that are outside the scope of the client’s Service Level Agreement.
  • Getting paid faster – When clients electronically sign-off on the work order on-site, and that electronic paperwork is immediately routed to the corporate office, the DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) numbers drop dramatically, increasing your cash flow.

Increased Operational Efficiency

  • Better inventory management – Field Service software tracks inventory across locations, including warehouses and trucks. By knowing what you have in stock, you can improve materials forecasting and replenishment, and reduce write-offs.
  • Enhanced mobile productivity – Technicians can access customer and case history, as well as find parts information, pricing and support / knowledgebase information.

This leads to a business transformation where you could become the industry accelerator. Contact us today for more information about our capabilities.

Author: Marty Heward, CRM Pre-Sales

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