Data Estate for Auto

Put Your Data Back in the Driver’s Seat

As an automotive supplier, you know that data should drive your business. But does it?

If your business is typical, your data is housed in custom applications on multiple platforms in disparate systems. Making sense of your data involves extracting it from multiple locations and exporting it into multiple spreadsheets for analysis and decision making.

We don’t have to tell you that this system, if we can call it that, is inefficient and error-prone. You waste countless unproductive hours re-keying data from multiple applications and calculating and checking numbers and constantly refreshing to arrive at the latest values. This inefficiency also comes at a price.

Have You Calculated the Cost of an Incomplete View of Your Data?

We have…

Dynamics 365 support


Your demand forecasts are unreliable



You don’t respond to OEM RFQs on time



Re-keying data introduces costly mistakes



You cannot answer vital strategic questions

eliminate inefficiencies


You can’t create accurate production schedules



Your revenue and profitability drop

Introducing the Data Estate
for Automotive Suppliers

Data Estate for Auto is a centralized, tailored business analytics solution from MCA Connect. It builds on your existing data systems and incorporates new data feeds to coalesce around your business process areas.

We achieve this transformation by focusing on business drivers to define your data needs. To break down the data silos you have across your various systems, we focus on using data for process improvement and decision support.

We also focus on achieving executive alignment around a number of key business drivers. We help you prioritize areas where you will realize maximum benefit quickly. By approaching your challenges from a process perspective, we help you identify the KPIs that are important to your business, and source the data to support those KPIs no matter where the data lives.

With Data Estate for Auto, you efficiently integrate data from enterprise systems, operational sources, and external providers to generate actionable insights into a single platform. You achieve operational excellence by achieving critical goals, such as:

  • Increasing worker productivity
  • Optimizing inventories
  • Minimizing the risk of line shutdowns
  • Realizing significant cost savings

Your Data.
Back in the Driver’s Seat.

Gain OEM Insights

Gain insights into OEM buying behavior with machine learning

Manage JIT Inventory

Manage just-in-time inventory through supply chain scenarios (Pool Point, JIT Depot, 3PL)

Adapt Rapidly

Proactively adapt to changing customer schedules and EDI release requirements

Get 360° Data Views

Consolidate and align ERP, EDI, operational, production data and more

Synchronize Your Operations

Synchronize your business processes and assets using a digital thread to weave organizational data together

Manage Your Data

Manage data in real-time with a data lake, data warehouse, financial planning and analysis, and advanced sales & operations planning

Get One View

Access your data more easily to generate actionable insights on a single platform

Harness Our Expertise

Partner with MCA Connect, automotive specialists with 20+ years of expertise building solutions for Tier 1 automotive suppliers

Built on The Modern Data Platform for Automotive Suppliers

Data Estate for Auto is built on The Modern Data Platform for Automotive Suppliers, a combination of process and technology that allows you to access all of the data that your business owns to gain important insights into your operations.

This platform sits at the heart of your enterprise analytics, acting as a source of sanctioned data, as a system of record, and as a hub, serving models for reporting, business intelligence and data science.

data estate

Microsoft is the technology stack that delivers The Modern Data Platform for Automotive Suppliers.

The Modern Data Platform for Automotive Suppliers builds on your existing data systems and incorporates new data feeds to coalesce around business process areas. Flexible compute and AI/ML tools enable you to process data at previously unattainable rates. This platform eliminates the barriers surrounding highly structured data marts and data warehouses. Now you easily grab data from any system, in any form, and surface it for analytics and decision making.

It includes a low-code development platform to automate the mission-critical processes that aren’t part of your standard systems, whether ERP, MES, CRM or other system. This low-code development platform not only brings your data together—it also gives you a company-supported platform to build out missing components.

With The Modern Data Platform for Automotive Suppliers, you better understand the factors that drive your business (profit and loss). You become more agile in reacting to market forces that affect your business. With The Modern Data Platform for Automotive Suppliers, you start looking out the windshield instead of in the rear view mirror.

Microsoft is the technology stack that delivers The Modern Data Platform for Automotive Suppliers. Microsoft delivers the platform by enhancing functional business system capabilities using Azure Intelligence services.

Disparate Systems and Siloed Data Are All Too Common

You know that if you are to increase productivity, optimize costs, increase profitability, or boost operational efficiency, you need timely access to your data. All your data. Without that, your executives cannot make decisions using the latest and complete information. Your managers cannot make near-term decisions based on accurate information. And production can’t make accurate short-term production schedule decisions.

data silos data estate for auto

Look Familiar?

Your business probably looks something like this. Day-to-day operational reporting involves gathering data from each system and possibly a data mart, and then collating and analyzing this data to arrive at limited, cross-system reporting.

Your data is siloed. People aren’t sharing information. There’s little ability to gain insights. You face issues with data governance and multiple versions of the truth. There’s way too much manual work in spreadsheets to pull together answers for questions that were asked days ago.

If your business is typical, you don’t have ready access to all of your data. You have an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system connected to a data warehouse. Your ERP is coupled with your execution system on the floor, and you have some level of integration with your engineering system.

But that’s about it. Your Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) system doesn’t talk to your Manufacturing Execution System (MES), which doesn’t talk to your Supplier Relationship System (SRM) or your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

If this sounds familiar, you need Data Estate for Auto, the solution from MCA Connect that efficiently integrates data from your enterprise systems, operational sources, and external providers to generate actionable insights on a single platform.

why work with mca connect data estate for auto

Work with the Team That Knows Automotive

To put your data back in the driver’s seat, you need a plan. And a partner. MCA Connect offers both.

We work with you to deploy The Modern Data Platform for Automotive Suppliers. This platform provides the backbone for Data Estate for Auto, empowering you to capitalize on your data.

We work with your team to establish business drivers, align your executives, and determine the road map for you to transition to The Modern Data Platform for Automotive Suppliers. By working through this process with us, you build a long-term plan that provides a strategic migration to The Modern Data Platform for Automotive Suppliers, provide a path with incremental investment steps, and focus on the activities that deliver the highest return on your investment.

Why Choose MCA Connect?

Microsoft is leading the industrial digital transformation revolution and has invested billions of dollars in building a worldwide cloud computing infrastructure that enables their modern business application solutions to provide of platform for growth. When you combine Microsoft software with MCA Connect’s expertise, your technology becomes a strategic asset that sets you apart from competition.

At MCA Connect, we tackle big data analytics projects to help you achieve your strategic business goals and vision. We will help you gain speed and direction by solving complex business challenges with analytics through strategic consulting, a clear implementation process, and support and optimization.

Ready to Unlock the Value of Your Data? Let’s Talk.

If you are ready to consolidate your disparate data sources to gain actionable insights, reduce inventories, reduce costs and boost productivity, let’s meet.

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