Data Lake vs Data Warehouse

Data Lake vs Data Warehouse – A modern data estate should provide multiple methods of ingesting and storing the various data that businesses generate.

Data Estate Defined for Automotive Manufacturers

There’s been talk for years about the significant value of data to the corporation. So much so that we often hear experts state how data is the new oil of the digital economy.

Master Planning Does Not Work for All Electronic Manufacturers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance has some valuable updates coming for master planning, but does it meet all the needs of manufacturers? MCA Connect has developed a solution that meets the needs of manufacturers that deliver specific customer requirements in a mass production environment (Mass Customization). Read more in our blog.

How to Build a Future-Ready Strategy for Manufacturing

When a manufacturing business successfully transforms itself, it can experience many benefits. But how does a manufacturing company build a future-ready strategy to achieve their goals? Read our blog to find out.

5 Benefits that Explain the Importance of CRM in Manufacturing

CRM software for manufacturing has revolutionized many businesses as it gives a holistic view of the entire business in one platform and lets you manage stakeholders, inventory, and payments easily. Read our blog to learn more.

Looking to Upgrade from MAPICS? You’re not alone.

Many manufacturing companies are still running on legacy ERP systems, specifically MAPICS, also known as Infor XA. While MAPICS may have served those companies well in the past, it’s time to consider replacing MAPICS with another ERP system like Dynamics 365.